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San Diego Board of Supervisors in support of C4FA

Please email before Noon on Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Dear Board of Supervisors,

We stand with Citizens for a Friendly Airport and support the court's decision to set aside all plan approvals.  We are asking that you:

  • RESCIND the approval of the McClellan Palomar Airport Master Plan

  • DECERTIFY the Environmental Impact Report.  Please stop any plans for an expansion at McClellan Palomar Airport.  

  • Adopt the California Public Utilities Commission definition of airport expansion.   

  • Commit to retaining the airport’s current B-II Design Classification with no runway extension (B-II Enhanced Alternative).

  • Ensure there is accurate, up-to-date data used for developing any future 20-Year Master Plan pending development of the following:

    • Adoption of a comprehensive, legally enforceable, and valid County Climate Action Plan that does not rely on carbon offsets.

    • Adoption of the 2021 Regional Mobility Plan which would create a fully integrated transportation system, impacting the need and purpose of any McClellan-Palomar Airport expansion.

Thank you,​

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Email Board of Supervisors -May 5, 2021 Meeting

Thank you for your Support!

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